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    The company MACHO & CHLAPOVIČ a. s. was established in 2010 with the intention to use the family know-how and build on the rich numismatic tradition of both families. We have turned our market knowledge, collecting experience and family history into the ability to provide sophisticated services to the general collecting public as well as investors.

    we transmit values ​​through generations

    We have good knowledge and experience in financial markets, international law, portfolio management and asset allocation to items interesting from a historic as well as a collecting perspective, and can therefore satisfy even the most demanding private clients. With our two branches in Bratislava and Prague, we are very active in covering the region of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary in particular. However, you will also find us at all interesting auctions and important trade fairs in Europe, the USA and Asia.


    From the beginning, we have had a beautiful mission – to pass on values through generations.

    Just as our grandfathers passed them on to our fathers and our fathers passed them on to us. And today, we are passing them on to our children. Many of our clients have instilled this mission in their own families and traditions. And this is our driving force – seeing that our work has real and deeper meaning.

    We bring back to our homeland the cultural heritage of our ancestors, mined from our land and crafted into beautiful artistic legacies. Although it has since been scattered around the world, we are slowly putting the pieces of the mosaic back together. We are not alone – our friends, clients and all the people who devote their time, energy, and money to this vision are helping us along the way.

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    Offer of services

    We regularly organise international numismatic auctions, run a numismatic shop as well as a business with investment gold and silver, and we also provide a wide range of services related to numismatics and investments.

    We operate in Bratislava and Prague, where we are represented through our branches with client centres and showrooms, and we also operate through our online shop.


    We are the only company in our region that has met the demanding criteria for admission to the IAPN (International Association of Professional Numismatists) founded in 1951 in Geneva. The Anti Forgery Committee of the IAPN, the IBSCC (International Bureau for the Suppression of Counterfeit Coins), is the only independent international authority assessing authenticity of coins and medals. We actively cooperate with it and seek to contribute our professional advice to its informed decisions.