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  • We accept consignments for our auctions

    Twice a year, we organise international numismatic auctions

    Macho & Chlapovic auctions are well known in numismatic circles, as well as among investors all around the globe. Buyers can bid in person in the auction room, over the phone, or online via the Internet.

    Our care in correctly describing the quality and defects of items, along with our uncompromising and meticulous assessment of their authenticity and high ethical standards, is unparalleled. We are a regional leader in methodology, technology, and comprehensive assessment of the authenticity of items. We are the only company in Slovakia and the Czech Republic which offers a lifetime and unlimited guarantee of authenticity for everything we sell. We are the logical first choice for anyone wondering where to sell their high-end numismatic consignments.

    By accepting auction items, we also assume long-term responsibility for all the risks and guarantees associated with their holding and sale.
    Our company is sufficiently capitalised, which means that by cooperating with us, you gain a long-term and reliable partner.
    We are known for our professional approach and moral principles, which reinforces our clients’ confidence in us.
    We provide an unlimited lifelong guarantee of authenticity for all the items sold at our auctions.
    By choosing to sell your items at our auctions, you gain a hallmark of authenticity for them. This, of course, has a positive effect on their hammer price.


    Sell your coins, medals, banknotes, orders and decorations
    at the best prices!
    Advance payment for top consignments

    Floor auction #30

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    Elive auction #30

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    24.4.2023 - 26.4.2023


    +421 239 020 432
    +420 220 560 563

    Reach hundreds of thousands of buyers from all over the world

    We directly distribute auction catalogues in printed or digital form to more than 7,000 prospective buyers.

    Furthermore, auction items are also presented in online catalogues on our website with more than 10,000 regular visitors. Our auctions often attract media attention, thanks to which the auction items reach hundreds of thousands of people. The auctions are also promoted on various numismatic portals, such as,,,, and others.

    Hammer prices that exceed expectations

    We hold several world auction records for coins and medals from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

    However, the sale prices achieved in our auctions often exceed expectations even for common items. For some items, the final price reaches 4-5 times the original estimate of the seller or the public. We also have experience in organising auctions focused on auctioning specialised coin collections, such as the outstanding collection of Mr. Kokolus or the collection of Mr. Novák from Prague

    1 140 000€
    the most expensive auction item sold
    14 200 000€
    the cumulative value of the auctioned collection of Mr. Kokolus
    2 265 000€
    the value of the auctioned collection of Mr. Novák from Prague

    We accept auction consignments all year round

    We always recommend that our clients approach us in the time between two auctions. In other words, not right before the deadline for accepting consignments for the next auction. This results in multiple benefits for you as our client:

    • You have more certainty that your consignments will be listed in the next auction.

    • We do not usually duplicate auction items to prevent competition from arising. Therefore, when we accept items, we follow the rule that we list items chronologically in the order in which they were received.

    • Consignments accepted for auction sometimes needs to be compared with specimens in other collections or museums. Naturally, this process requires a certain amount of time.

    • We can give your items our full attention and list them in the auction catalogue with the most accurate information (descriptions, references) possible.

    • We can promote the auction items during our marketing campaigns or personal meetings with clients.

    • For valuable consignments, it is possible to agree on advance payment.


    How does cooperation with us work?

    If you are not sure whether your consignment is of value or whether it is suitable for auction sale, we would be happy to assist you.

    Do not hesitate to contact us through the form below or via e-mail. All you need to do is send us a photo of your consignment and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Of course, you can also visit our shop in Bratislava or Prague to discuss the value of your items and the possibility of listing them in auction. If we agree on placing your consignments in auction, we will explain all the details to you in advance – the Sales Commission Contract, acceptance certificates, our obligations, assumption of risk, insurance, and the whole process of our cooperation.

    Contact form:

    Do not hesitate to offer us attractive collectibles. You will certainly not find better care, professional background and affordable prices on the market in our region.

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