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Hundreds of our customers have already convinced themselves of our professionalism. Join them.

Macho a Chlapovič have been a stable partner to me for 7-8 years. I’ve been cooperating with them in terms of buying and selling numismatic material and so far, they have always helped me determine its authenticity. I especially appreciate the company’s speed, stability and reliability backed by a great team. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to appreciate their financial assets.

Vladimír K.

I would rate my cooperation with Macho and Chlapovič as excellent. Its greatest benefits are in the area of expanding my collection of banknotes and coins, especially when it comes to rare specimens. They have helped me increase both my knowledge and the quality of my collection. I recommend them because you always have a guarantee that everything they sell is simply super.

Zuzana Horvathová

I would rate my first experience from an auction organised by the Macho and Chlapovič auction house as very successful. The coins were described in great detail and there was definitely something for everyone. I will recommend this company to my friends.

Michal Vaněk,

I am always satisfied with the services of Macho and Chlapovič. I have been using them for 2 years and I can always rely on the company for coin authentication. I also appreciate their 100% guarantee of authenticity, perfect services and the whole team, which is highly professional.

Milan Holub, Kendro a.s.

I have been cooperating with Macho & Chlapovič since the company’s beginning. I have sold and bought many items in my collection though them. Their approach is very professional and responsible.

Ing. Vladimír Bušša

I give my cooperation with the Macho & Chlapovič company 5 stars. I can trust them. Their auctions are of a high standard with large amounts of quality material.


I’m very satisfied with your services.