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  • 5 Koruna 1925 pattern strike
  • Period after 1918

    5 Koruna 1925 pattern strike

    In the 28th auction, an extremely rare pattern strike from Kremnitz will be auctioned
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    This is a very rare pattern strike, one of two known and probably the only two produced specimens from 18 February 1925. This pattern strike dates to the period when the ruling committee recommended that the author of the winning design, O. Gutfreund, make some modifications to his models so that they could be recommended for implementation. Even this coin design was not approved as final. Differences from the final design include:

    • the unnatural-looking flames from the chimney,
    • the different depiction of the factory, 
    • the protruding state emblem, 
    • the smaller and more robust lion, 
    • the different pearl rim, 
    • the inappropriate placement of the author's initials on the right side below the factory.

    In the 28th auction, this extremely rare pattern strike from Kremnitz will be auctioned as item No. 352.





    Jan Jelínek

    Director of the Prague branch

    Jan has been with us since the opening of the Prague branch and currently ensures its smooth operation.

    He always gives his clients his full attention, regardless of whether they come in with an ordinary small coin or a truly unique piece. He encountered numismatics at an early age, as his grandfather used to collect coins and stamps and Jan, while visiting, would observe him taking care of them. In this way, he gradually gained valuable advice and experience. It taught him the patience and modesty he still has today. He specialises in coins of the Austrian Empire and the popular First Republic, as well as contemporary modern production. He is in charge of compiling our annual Catalogue of Czechoslovak, Czech and Slovak Coins. He is no stranger to older Habsburg coins and medals.

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