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  • ‍Extremely Rare (RRR!) – Great Britain
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    ‍Extremely Rare (RRR!) – Great Britain

    Introducing items from Auction #28
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    Our 28th auction will feature six items from Great Britain. In this article, we are going to introduce three of them listed as “extremely rare” (RRR!). 

    The first extremely rare item (RRR!) is a Proof Penny 1797 ‘Cartwheel’ – struck in gold, George III (1760 – 1820), Birmingham. It is a highly collectible piece with a beautiful patina and mirror-like lustre in the fields. The item includes an old label and comes from an old collection with a unique and documentable history. The gold coin is in UNC condition. It will be auctioned in Lot No. 477 with a starting bid of €80,000.


    An extremely rare (RRR!) 1768 (1803) gold medal will be auctioned in Lot No. 476. The medal was awarded to George Dawe in 1803 as the Royal Academy Prize for excellence in the fields of architecture, painting and sculpture. It is an exceptional specimen with high relief and mint lustre in the fields. The medal has the following inscription on the edge: “GIVEN TO GEORGE DAWE FOR THE BEST HISTORICAL PICTURE. 1803.” It is in good EF condition and has very minor hairlines in the field and a small mint-made edge defect. The starting bid is €8,000.

    A28 zlata medaila 2


    The final extremely rare (RRR!) item from Great Britain is a 1708 Gold Medal – pattern strike. This medal was struck to commemorate the Capture of the Citadel at Lille. An exceptional specimen with a beautiful gold patina in the field. The medal in EF condition is listed as Lot No. 474 in the auction with a starting bid of €8,000.


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