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  • Maple Leaf Celebration - the 25th anniversary
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    Maple Leaf Celebration - the 25th anniversary

    The first 1 ounce Maple Leaf coin stamped on a Piedfort Coin of pure gold
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    The Royal Canadian Mint has introduced its first 1 oz. 99.99% pure gold piedfort coin. Maple Leaf Celebration features distinctive Canadian design and exclusivity:

    • This is the first 1-ounce piedfort bullion coin from The Royal Canadian Mint, which is made of pure gold 99.99%. It is about twice the thickness of a standard gold coin.
    • The specific Canadian coin reversal design consists of a distinctive maple leaf that was used on the first Maple Leaf "Piedfort" coins as early as 2010. Maple Leaf Celebration is complemented by a new design for 2021 - several smaller maple leaves (so-called MAPLE FIELD PATTERN) in a high-gloss design that stands out against the matte background of the coin. This pattern is also found on the obverse depicting Queen Elizabeth II.
    • Maple Leaf Celebration is part of the Arboreal Anniversary Collection 2021, which was created to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the maple leaf as a Canadian national symbol. The reverse of the coins in this collection has a maple leaf mark with the number 25 indicating the anniversary celebration.
    • A low mintage of only 500 worldwide adds exclusivity to an already exquisite showpiece.
    • Each coin in the Arboreal Anniversary Collection 2021 comes with its own color certificate. The Maple Leaf Celebration comes in a black case and with a certificate of its own color, too.

    You can buy Maple Leaf Celebration in our online shop.

    ‍SOURCE: ‍The Royal Canadian Mint,


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