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    ‍Exceptional 1919 bank specimens

    R!, RR!, RRR!
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    As per usual, our 28th auction will also feature paper money including bank specimens. This article is going to introduce three of them:

    • Extremely Rare (RRR!) 500 Koruna 1919
    • Very rare (RR!) 1000 Koruna 1919
    • Rare (R!) 50 Koruna 1919

    The item auctioned in Lot No. 487 is an exceptional 500 Koruna 1919 bank specimen with three “NEPLATNÉ” perforations in about UNC condition. The item is listed as extremely rare (RRR!) and its starting bid is €40,000.



    A 1000 Koruna 1919 bank specimen in about UNC condition and listed as “very rare” (RR!) will be auctioned as well. This is an exceptional specimen with four “NEPLATNÉ” perforations, one hole and significant intaglio features. The starting bid for this item is €5,000 and it will be auctioned in Lot No. 488.




    Finally, we present a rare (R!) 50 Koruna 1919 bank specimen in about EF condition. It features a “SPECIMEN” perforation and two holes. It will be auctioned in Lot No. 485 with a starting bid of €4,000.



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